The table below highlights just a few of the breakthrough products brought to market by companies backed by the PA Life Sciences Greenhouse Initiative.

CompanyProduct NameUseRegulatory Approval

BioAdvance Biotechnology Greenhouse of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Avid/LillyAmyvid™Determines presence of beta amyloid plaque in patients with cognitive impairmentFDA
InfraScanInfraScanner 1000 InfraScanner 2000Hand held device to detect brain hematoma after head traumaFDA
NuPatheZecuity®Sumatriptan transdermal patch for migraineFDA
(mechlorethamine) gel
Topical treatment of stage IA and IB mycosis fungoides-type cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL)FDA

Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania

Indigo BioSciencesNuclear receptor assay kits and servicesDrug screeningNot Applicable
MaculogixAdaptDx™Macular DegenerationFDA
Micro Interventional DevicesPermaseal™Heart Valve RepairFDA, CE Mark
ChromatanTangential ChromatographySingle-use column-free proteins and vaccines purification.Not Applicable

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse

ALungHemolung® RASRespiratory Assist SystemEU
ComplexaCXA-10Fibrosis, inflammation, and renal diseases
In Process
Forest DevicesAlphaStrokeStroke screening
In Process
Rinovum Women’s HealthStork™
Rinovum Vitamin Line
Reproductive Health AidFDA