The table below highlights just a few of the breakthrough products brought to market by companies backed by the PA Life Sciences Greenhouse Initiative.

CompanyProduct NameUseRegulatory Approval

BioAdvance Biotechnology Greenhouse of Southeastern Pennsylvania

(florbetapir F18)
Determine presence of beta amyloid plaque in patients with cognitive impairmentFDA
InfraScanInfraScanner 2000Hand held device to detect brain hematoma after head traumaFDA
Sans Rosa/GaldermaMirvaso®
(bromidine gel)
Treatment of skin redness known as rosaceaFDA
(mechlorethamine gel)
topical treatment of stage 1A and @@B mycosis fundoides-type cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL)FDA

Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania

Indigo BioSciencesNuclear receptor assay kits and servicesDrug screeningNot Applicable
MaculogixAdaptDx™ ProMacular DegenerationFDA
Micro Interventional DevicesPermaseal™; Annuloplasty toolsHeart Valve RepairFDA, CE Mark
ChromatanTangential ChromatographySingle-use column-free proteins and vaccines purificationNot Applicable

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse

ALungHemolung® RASRespiratory
Assist System
CernosticsTissueCypherAI esophageal cancer imaging analysisFDA
Cognition TherapeuticsExpertise in σ-2 receptorTherapeutics for age-related degenerative diseases and disorders
In Process
Rinovum Women’s HealthStork™
Rinovum Vitamin Line
Health Aid